Proudly presenting one of our most popular webinars; back by popular demands!

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May 13 2020 5-6:30 pm

On May 13th we will have the honour of having one of the top financial experts of BC with us Mr. Ali Basiri; teaching us about how to keep our finances healthy during this global pandemic. With years of experience in serving community of greater Victoria and Vancouver, Ali will go through some easy steps to help us take control over our financial life even in this not-so-controllable situation.

In this popular webinar we focus on how to fix your finances during this pandemic by covering topics such as:

  1. Credit Score and how to improve it

  2. Credit Cards

  3. Loans, available financial relief programs, and their interest rates.

  4. Q & A about related topics


Join us from the comfort of your home on May 13th 5-6:30 pm to enjoy this educational webinar and get ready to learn, take notes, and ask lots of questions!


General admission: $10

  • covers your spot at this webinar;

  • Q & A session at the end of the webinar;

VIP admission: $20

  • Includes 3 comprehensive one-on-one educational and financial mentorship sessions with Ali Basiri over Zoom (your preferred dates), to learn about financial system in Canada and how to get ahead in the money game;

  • covers your spot at this webinar;

  • Q & A session at the end of the webinar;

**A little more about Ali Basiri:

With a strong desire for bringing huge value to the marketplace, Ali started his role as a Financial Consultant in 2016, and after a few months, stablished his very own office in downtown Victoria, BC. This is how he stepped into the role of leadership and managing a fast growing organization. Now with offices in Victoria, Vancouver, and Toronto, his goal is to revolutionize the financial services industry, so instead of just selling financial instruments to the public, he empowers and educates them on how the financial system works in this country. Ali and his team educate all Canadian citizens on how to have better access to elite financial products and opportunities regardless of their current financial status.

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