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Hello my friends! Hope you are staying safe, distant from social interactions, happy, and busy these days. We have been experiencing such historic events lately and everyone pretty much is in the panic mode (can you blame them really?!)

Although I believe buying toilet paper, whining 24/7 about the virus, and/or ignoring the topic completely won't save us, I do believe this may be a prime time to make some drastic changes in our crazy busy lives. I have been reflecting on the situation lately while staying connected with a lot of friends and family through social media and listening to what they have to say about this, and I thought I share some of my reflective thoughts with you too.

*side note before I start: We are in the Events business! We got hit really hard during this time.. all the cancelations, all the uncertainty, all the crazy expensive bills we all have to pay for living, and all the disappointments we come across on a daily basis.. Why am I saying this? Because I'd like you to know that when it comes to the severity of the problem, we are in the thick of it; and by being mindful of that I am writing the followings...

Let's recap a bit: Corona Virus was born.. got pandemic quickly.. still going strong.. shutting down businesses, schools, and basically our daily lives.. forcing us to stay indoors and away from social interactions... and to make it worse, we don't know when this is going to end.. right?!

You might think "Okay Sam we already know all of this what is the point?".. bear with me please..

Factual mode vs. panic mode

  1. Origin of the virus: Let's think a bit, did we (aka me, or you) cause the Corona Virus to be born? No! Then we don't have control over the origin of the problem! We cannot simply get rid of it for the time being by just ignoring the issue.. Instead, we have control over educating ourselves from reputable resources.. My suggestion: instead of whining about the origin of the problem, or 'what ifs' in our head, let's shift our energy and focus on learning more about what our world is experiencing right now. After all, knowledge is power, right?!

  2. Origin of the pandemic: This one is interesting! Did we (aka humans) made this problem to become pandemic? YES WE DID! So this one can and should be controlled by us! My Suggestion: let's use the knowledge and act on it; make sure we disinfect all surfaces properly, and restrict our social interactions as much as possible. We should all deal with this issue as if our loved ones are infected with it! As human beings, as members of the community, as someone's loved ones, we are responsible for our community's health, and should act as a team to put a cap on this horrible situation before it is too late!

  3. The emotional battle: Are you down? Are you sad? Are you stressed? Overwhelmed? Scared? Alone? depressed? Anxious? All of the above? Good! Congratulations!You are 100% human! We are allowed to experience negative feelings sometimes, and that is okay! As a society, we are always trying to show a healthy strong face to others due to such high standards, but the reality is that we are all human; and humans are allowed and built to have all sort of emotions.. not just happy ones! My Suggestion: the first step is to accept how we feel and acknowledging that.. simply reflecting on our day like ..." Today I feel overwhelmed by all the bad news I've been exposed to all day".. ---It is funny how acknowledging and assuring yourself about your feelings help you to deal with it faster; give it a try! After acknowledgement, comes the action; now is the time to train our mind around what to expect as a result of our feelings! This part is very crucial but EVERYONE can do it (trust me!)... let's take it slow, and try organizing our thoughts and continue our reflection journey... " To take care of myself during this crazy time, I will be doing "blah blah blah" today"... Great! now let's come up with a list of self-care activities we can do even if we are alone stuck in our condo staring at a wall for 10 hours each day!!!

Your list can/may include the followings, but won't be limited to:

  1. A 30 minute home stretch/ yoga practice/ meditation **Try Yoga With Adriene on youtube; it is an absolutely great channel for free, and has lots and lots of options for beginners, pros, people with disabilities, tired people, stressed people, people in any size and any fitness level (believe me this is not a sponsored post, I just really love her and what she does). **

  2. Taking a hot bath

  3. Dancing to your favourite song

  4. Playing/snuggling with your pet(s)

  5. Organizing your living space

  6. Organizing your study space

  7. organizing your work space I dedicated 3 points to the spaces because although consciously you may not realize, unconsciously clutter affects us big time! It makes you feel irritated and down without you realizing it! Trust me! Decluttering feels sooo good after you do it (coming from a formerly super disorganized person). My suggestion: if you haven't used something for around 2 years chances are you won't be using it anymore.. why? because maybe your style has changed, your location of work/living has changed, the nature of your work has changed, and so many other reasons. Donate them to a shelter near you.. remember one person's junk is other's treasure! I give you my word that you will feel like a million bucks after you see your minimized, decluttered, clean space you may reward yourself with one of your quarantine time snacks ;)

  8. Watching a funny movie

  9. Baking a cake One of my favourite easy recipes is this Lemon Cake!

  10. making homemade popcorn

  11. trying to cook a new recipe

  12. calling your mom

  13. gardening (seriously, this one is my favourite)

  14. learning something new online If you are into traveling and discovering new places, Head to the Palace of Versailles website for the virtual tour

  15. practicing gratitude, journal entry, or anything that you have been dying to try but you had never had time before!

  16. the list goes on...

And then let's practice all the steps again each and every day until we are allowed to continue with our normal lives again (whatever "normal" means). I assure you we will have super busy, meaningful, fulfilling days ahead of us and we will change our lives for the better while protecting our community from this disease by staying home.

Hope this post help you with maybe another "lighter" perspective about the Coronapocalypse and the effects it has had on our financial and social lives.. what do you guys think? Any interesting suggestions?

I am always here to listen, and would always like to learn more so leave a comment below and tell us what you think?!


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