• Sam H.

Deadline masters!

It had been a hot minute since the last blog update... wondering why?

Believe it or not we decided to have a Luxury Health and Beauty gala at the end of February, and got it done in only 40 days. That is why I have been a bit MIA lately here..

You read it right; 40 days from the day we decided on the idea to the day of! 130+ attended, 15 vendors participated, and everything was done from scratch. How? I am here to share some tips with you :

1. We set a goal and we stick to it.

-We wanted our event to be different than other ones happening in town simultaneously. Spring hasn't arrived yet and people are just waiting for days to get longer; we wanted to bring something fun to the last long nights of winter. So we picked an Old Hollywood Glam theme for our event, and we decided to focus on health and beauty because who doesn't like a little glam on dark boring nights of winter?! (and also why every health and beauty related event happens in Spring?! I don't get it).

- We wanted to include a lot of "related" vendors and businesses and focus on what beauty means to each and every one of us. Therefore we reached out to health and fitness professionals as well as makeup artists, hair stylists, and product providers. We went all in and reached out to as many local hustlers as possible; we had a goal to have 12-18 vendors on site and in about 2 weeks we could gather 15 vendors to participate in our event.

- We wanted the event to be the best for our attendees, not us! So we planned everything based on our attendees' preference; we were super lucky to have amazing vendors working with us with the same goal, which made all of us united and focused.

2. We prioritize.

- Our attendees' experience was our top priority; we wanted to make sure they truly feel glam, appreciated and happy so we based our venue choices, food choices and activities of the night solely on that.

- Because of the specific theme we picked, setting the decor and the ambiance of the event was the second top priority for us; therefore a big chunk of the budget went to decor rentals and set ups for the room.

- We did not forget the music, and live performances just to make sure our expo/gala stands out from other "expo-type" events.

3. We keep really organized.

- From setting and following the agenda before and on the day of, to preparing and ordering small details and items, we kept the best in our mind while planning for the worst. It was a true effort from our team but we proudly made it happen. Of course color coding, spreadsheets, agenda and planners are our true friends and it is not news to anybody..

4. We communicate often and communicate clear.

- There was no assumption, no guessing game, and no expectation. We directly, clearly and happily communicated with each other as well as our team of vendors. About dos and don'ts; about plans and agenda; about deadlines and theme. You name it, we did it!

5. We work as a team.

- As the lead planner of Full of Life Events I am so proud of my team and the team of vendors participated in this event. The level of trust, professionalism and cooperation was beyond perfect, and we, as a team, made the night so fabulous for our attendees. there was no "me or I" but rather was " us". It was a team effort.

6. We cancel all the noise and just go for it!

- I personally think this feature is what makes us stand out in the crowd; we are blessed to have a team that once we set our mind and goals, we just go for it without going sideways. Don't get me wrong tho, we LIVE for people's feedback and base every move on what our clients/ community want from us, but once we plan for something and set our deadlines, there is nothing to stop us. During this specific project we came across many friends and loving community members who were afraid that the event might be a failure due to lack of time and resources. A lot of people wanted us to postpone the event, change the layouts, focus on different things, etc. But since we had done our research, had set our goals and analyzed everything, we just went for it and I personally am so glad we did because it set the bar up high once again for us and the team executed everything perfectly.

Bottom line?! Do your research, ask for help, get organized, take some risk, and get it done!


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