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Tips on how to choose the perfect venue for your event

When it comes to planning an event, picking the right venue is the key to setting the tone for your design, theme, and even sometimes menu choices. It also consumes one of the biggest portions of the budget so it is very important to do your research before signing any contract. Remember, every venue owner wants you to pick them as you bring revenue to their business, so let's make sure they bring the expected value to your event as well. We always look for a win-win situation right?

Here are some tips for you to consider before narrowing down your venue options:

  1. What is your event all about? Is it a luxury event? An old themed event? A fashion show? A cozy intimate wedding? A fundraising gala? Or maybe a team bonding corporate event? Make sure to focus on the objective of the event, and then write down what you need to bring it to life. For example, if the event is a luxury top notch gathering/party, then a barn style venue or a social room of your neighbourhood's Inn are definitely not the right options for that. If the event is a cozy wedding party, then the 3000 Sq Ft winery venue might be a bit too big for your event, and make it look super off and awkward. The main important factor here is to always narrow down your options base on the objective of the event, and make sure your venue is suitable for your purposes.

  2. Accessibility Before signing the contract figure out if having a wheelchair access is mandatory for the event or not. You could ask your clients to see if they can provide you with the estimate needs of their guests. Of course the upbeat hippy style upstairs venue in the middle of downtown with stairs access is not a good option if your clients' guest list contains people with disability, or difficulty with stairs.

  3. physical address It is very important to figure out where the attendees come from on the day of; do they all live in the same city? Or are they coming from different geographical locations? Should you pick a venue in the heart of downtown which is has access to all the routes and municipalities, or is the winery which has an hour drive to the city a better option? Could attendees easily reach to their hotels, homes, or their next flight from the location you picked, or it is going to be a hassle for them trying to figure out routes to their next destination?

  4. Budget Last but definitely not least, make sure to see if the total budget for the event can cover the venue cost. There may also be additional (hidden) fees for using AV systems at the venue, playing live music, using glassware, hiring staff for serving food and drinks or security, setup and tear down window, bringing your own catering menu, parking fee, and insuring the event. So make sure to ask lots and lots of questions before signing the contract. Make sure to always ask about the cancelation policy, and see if they are flexible in terms of switching the dates. This is extremely important if your event is in a year from now or so, and we all know in a year a lot could happen (e.g. the Coronapocalypse of 2020!). Some venues are super flexible when it comes to their cancelation policy while others are super restrict about it. Also, if your budget is limited, try to negotiate about waving the parking fees, AV rentals, or hiring staff.

I hope these 4 steps give you a better idea about what to consider when it comes to planning your next event; the bottomline is "do your research, and then search more for your best venue option"!

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