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Working from home tips during the pandemic

How are you holding up my friends? It has been such a difficult time for pretty much everyone; this time of uncertainty, isolation, and social distancing has brought many of us so much anxiety, depression, and nothing to hold on to really...

While some of us had to close down our businesses temporarily and distant ourselves from our lovely clients and costumers, others are still working remotely to make a change. As an event planning business we also have had to postpone/cancel our events this spring due to this pandemic but it doesn't mean we are not working! Actually for us working from home has always been a part of the job; whether it is doing a quick research on the venues available, answering emails and following up the conversations with vendors, clients, and prospects, or even cruising on the internet to get some design ideas... all has always been a part of "the job" regardless of the pandemic.

So while I'd like to encourage everyone to validate your feelings, your worries, and your thoughts around the "new" way of operating and living our daily lives for now, here are some tips and ideas to make the best out of this situation if/when you are working from home:

1. Design a specific corner as your work station: Sure! some of us LOVE to work sitting on our beds sometimes! Nothing wrong with that.. but it is better to design a specific spot only for your work; this will train your brain to focus on your work while sitting in that corner as time goes by. Make sure to eliminate distraction in that spot as much as possible, and fill it with all work-related stuff; whether you have a home office or you are just using your lap desk to do your work, try to make the experience as comfortable and focused on the work as possible. After all, we have to get used to this "new" way of life for now.

2. Change into something else; don't work in your PJs! I am sorry I know how amazingly comfortable PJs are especially when you have no where to go and you're stuck at home. Who wants to wear jeans while sitting at home all day long right?! I get it.. but trust me, changing your clothes to something appropriate to work in will automatically put your brain into a more productive mode. This is very important especially to those who have never worked from home, and/or those who get super distracted while trying to work at home. I am not saying to dress up in suits every day (although why not?! If it is your jam do it), but try to put on "SFW" clothes, whatever that means to you!

3. Take short breaks often. I know that working from home can be distracting to a lot of people; whether it is your children running around the house chasing each other wildly, whether it is your cat trying to capture your attention by sitting on your keyboard for 20 minutes and refusing to get up, or whether it is your spouse hosting a webinar right next door, it can be distracting (and sometimes annoying let's be real here now!). My tip here is to first of all recognize the fact that your workspace has changed and therefore lower your expectations! It is totally understandable if you can't be on your 100% mode all the time working from home; it is different, it is new, and it is not an ideal situation for most of us, so let's be a bit kinder to ourselves. Now to make sure we do our best in this situation, it is better to take short breaks more often; whether it is to get up and chase our kids/pets/ partners around the house for 2 minutes, whether it is to stretch our legs and just have a moment to ourselves, whether it is to get up and eat/drink something, or even to check our phones and social media (!)... whatever that is, let yourselves do it. It is better to take breaks than to try to work while being distracted.. So assign small windows to yourself for breathing in between the chaos!

4. Make it as fun as possible! Now depending on the nature of your job, you can go wild here! Have a 90s theme days, disco days, dress up days, you name it! why not?! Match your work attire, music, and even the food you're going to consume on that day to a specific theme, and make it a household rule and not just your own work-day rule (although nothing wrong with that if you decide to have your own kinda day if you wish to!). Planning for what theme to follow for the next day, what to eat, and what to listen to adds more fun and excitement to your oh-so-ordinary days at home, and will also engage all the members of the household so technically it is a win-win situation here!

And there you have it my friends; those were my 4 tips to make life a bit easier while working from home...

In what other ways you guys are dealing with this new work from home situation? I'd like to hear from you so leave me a comment below and share what does and does not work for you these days... I hope you guys are staying safe, healthy, happy and hopeful during this horrible time we are living in; remember that we are all in this together, so please be kinder to yourselves..

Sending everyone hugs, love, and lots and lots of good vibes,



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